You Say You Want a Revolution®

The Revolution has begun with a bold, modern energy-efficient window design that comes with a classic European pedigree. Revolution starts with a time-tested European Tilt & Turn concept and is infused with the best in North American performance engineering.

RevolutionWith seven thermal chambers in both the frame and in the sash, IG capability of up to 1 5/8” (40mm) and with the Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcement technology, the Revolution Tilt & Turn window system can achieve thermal performance levels in the rare and elusive range of R-7 and beyond – without the use of Krypton. Put it all together and you get a Revolution in style, thermal capability, and over-all performance. Revolution is ideally suited for commercial and high-end residential applications where extreme performance is not just a specification but an expectation. The system is available in various configurations, including casement windows, double hung windows, picture windows, sliding windows and sliding patio doors.

AAMA Wind Load, Air and Water infiltration resistance testing results indicate capabilities in excess of the requirements for Commercial Window ratings of C-100.

An Open & Shut Case for Performance

Tilt it in.

The top of the sash tilts in for secure, indirect ventilation. No rain. No wind gusts. And no unwanted nature, thanks to the integral screen feature. Revolution is the first Tilt & Turn energy-efficient window system with an insect screen system incorporated into the design!

Swing it open.

The entire sash opens inward for a classic European look and feel. With full access to both sides of the glass, cleaning is a breeze, and offers easy egress in emergencies.

Lock it shut.

The sash locks with a single movement of the handle. The Revolution Tilt & Turn system incorporates the latest developments and performance enhancements of the European hardware features including the full perimeter multi-point locking system resulting in an incredibly secure and structurally sound energy-efficient window.