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A Superior Experience

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The Carrington at Lincolnwood is a 485,000 square-foot, four-story independent living, assisted-living facility that includes more than 980 windows and 125 patio doors.

Carrington’s builder was South Bay Partners, a firm known for its expertise in developing superior senior living complexes. For this project, they knew they would need to source high-performance window and door systems that also provided a great view.

To deliver on the promise of an exceptional living experience, South Bay Partners turned to Deceuninck North America and its network. Working with Lindsay Windows Illinois and New Tech Exteriors, Deceuninck created window and door systems that provided high performance, double-strength glass and sound glass customization for select units. And the exterior look? It exceeded even South Bay’s expectations.

    • Who: South Bay Partners, Deceuninck North America, Lindsay Windows Illinois, New Tech Exteriors, Hall Construction
    • What: The new construction of a 485,000 square foot, four-story independent living, assisted living facility included installation of 980 windows and 125 patio doors.
    • Why: Energy-efficient windows with Innergy® Fiberglass Reinforcements at the locking meeting rails provided higher security
    • Double-strength glass and sound glass customization needed for select units,
    • Window design created an exterior look to match owner expectations
    • Windows: Single hung and slider window units
    • Door: Six-foot patio doors
    • Color: White