Choose a door that outperforms all the rest.

Our commercial Doors line is offered in high-performance vinyl and also as a vinyl/polyurethane hybrid door system.


  • Welded and mechanically fastened construction options
  • Elegant sculpted sash design can be used in many door applications
  • Operational flexibility with swing and slider configurations
  • Premium performance: DP50 Rating in configurations up to 16′ x 8′ OXXO
  • One-inch glass pocket for high thermal performance
  • Door sash options including reinforced vinyl and fiberglass made from Deceuninck’s Rovex™ technology

Standard Windows Impact Windows High Performance Windows Doors Series Comparison

Test Data

  Size Tested AAMA Rating Air Water Uniform Load Size Tested Uniform Load Impact Rated
600.600HD no structural testing
623.620PD 192″ X 96″ C50 0.22 cfm/ft^2 7.5 psf 75.0 psf 192″ X 96″ DP50 YES
  96″ x 96″ DP50 0.11 cfm/ft^2 7.50 psf 75.0 psf 96″ x 96″ DP50 YES
  144″ x 96″ C50 0.11 cfm/ft^2 7.50 psf 75.0 psf 144″ x 96″ DP50 YES
Clear/Clear Clear/LowE/Argon
“U” Factor SHGC “U” Factor SHGC
600.603 n/a n/a 0.232 n/a
623.620 n/a n/a 0.233 n/a

CAD Drawings

623620PD_WOOD-CEMENTBOARDDownload File
623620PD_VINYLDownload File
623620PD_STUCCODownload File
623620PD_BRICKDownload File
623620PD_BLOCKDownload File
600600PD_WOOD-CEMENTBOARDDownload File
600600PD_VINYLDownload File
600600HD_STUCCODownload File
600600HD_BRICKDownload File
600600HD_BLOCKDownload File

Color Matrix

Sunshield® Solid Color Technology

  Interior Exterior
  Colonial White
  Desert Sand
  Architectural Grey

Solex™ Lamination Technology

  Interior Exterior
  Cocoa Brown
  Dark Bronze
  Brushed Metallic
  Hunter Green
  Chocolate Brown
  Bronze (SunShield Match)
  Calvados Cherry  
  Calvados Maple  
  Dark Oak  
  Light Oak  
  Winchester Oak  
  Real Pine Laminate  
  Real Oak Laminate  

* Not all colors may be available on all systems and styles.

Case Studies

3-Part Specs

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  • Architectural Services
  • Accessory System

Our commercial windows and doors are a collection of proven Deceuninck systems that are classified based on performance ratings.

Designed for residential and commercial applications, our windows and doors are manufactured through the Deceuninck fabricator network to meet the exacting specifications of architects.

Deceuninck offers assistance in determining which product will meet the needs of each application. Deceuninck can also identify a local fabricator that can manufacture the window or door to meet the needs of the application.

Our Accessory System can be used on each product to further customize the application.

Accessories include jamb extension, mullions, returns, bay and bow adaptors, and more.

  • About Revolution Tilt & Turn

With seven thermal chambers in both the frame and in the sash and IG capability of up to 1 5/8" (40mm), the Revolution Tilt & Turn window system can achieve outstanding thermal performance levels.

Revolution is ideally suited for commercial and high-end residential applications where extreme performance is not just a specification but an expectation.

The system is available in various configurations, including tilt/turn windows, picture windows, packaged terminal air conditioning windows, casement and awning windows. PTAC configuration is also available.