Custom Compounding

Custom Compounding

Building chemistry.

At Deceuninck, your compounding edge starts with our 160-million pound annual compounding capacity and a half-century of expertise in processing polymers and developing applications for industry.

We hold more than 200 active patents on designs, processes, technologies and the material science that defines high performance in compounding for extrusion, injection molding and blow molding applications.

Based on industry-leading and proprietary PVC material technologies for profile extrusion, injection molding and blow molding applications, Deceuninck customizes the design of compounded materials to meet each customer’s exacting requirements.

Our expertise is compounded by working with some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers to develop and engineer materials and processes which create true value, manufacturing efficiencies, and lasting product attributes.

Our experts. Your advantage.

Formulation integrity, compound precision, extrusion process accuracy.

Deceuninck’s Precision Polymer Compounding goes beyond blending to proprietary additive chemistry, patented processes, advanced engineering and complete solutions that create real market advantage.

Our deep expertise and understanding of additive systems, their chemistries, and how they interact in the compounding process, work to optimize efficiencies in die and extruder operations and end-user performance.

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