Custom Compounding


Performance meets precision.


Deceuninck offers three classes of compounding solutions to meet the exacting manufacturing requirements for processing, heat stability, weatherability, color consistency and application.

Quality Assurance is also a major component of our Precision Polymer Compounding Solutions. Rigorous testing protocols provide on-going quality control operations, and certificate of assurance documentation is available for each delivery.

Whether you’re looking for a custom blend, premium blend or performance blend, we have the ideal compounding solution for your specific manufacturing requirements.

MASTERY Custom Blends

For proprietary high performance
  • Custom-designed proprietary materials
  • High performance characteristics including heat distortion, heat gain, impact, UV
  • Composites

ARTISTRY Premium Blends

For superior exterior performance
  • Window and door materials
  • Decking and railing cap stocks
  • Siding cap stocks

EFFICIENCY Performance Blends

For rugged everyday performance
  • General service PVC material
  • Siding, window, and decking substrates
  • Customer defined and intermediate compounds