Sustainability: Our Promise

Deceuninck North America recognizes that the ways in which we do business also have a significant impact on the world around us. We are proud to be the only North American PVC window lineal supplier that is a GreenCircle Certified company for Recycled Content. Deceuninck’s recycling program helps eliminate waste in the life cycle of its products. GreenCircle Certified

Our commitment to sustainability is a cradle-to-cradle approach, dictating how we source recycled materials, how we design and manufacture products, and how those products are shipped and delivered. Deceuninck maintains a lean approach to meet zero-waste goals in all that we do.

For example, Deceuninck has significantly reduced the usage of plastic bag packaging in the window extrusion process, and extruded packaging made from scrap vinyl has been designed to stack lighter and tighter in shipment to save on fuel during transportation.

Our window systems and building products are developed to allow for easy recycling in production and installation as well as easy removal during refurbishments and dismantling after their useful life.

Deceuninck North America consistently receives the Excellence in Pretreatment Award from the Butler County, Ohio Board of Commissioners and Department of Environmental Services. It is third-party verification of the notion that we are serious about returning water to the environment that meets or exceeds quality standards.