How to incorporate drones into your job site

July 7, 2020

A drone on every construction site.

Tristan Randall, a strategic projects executive at Autodesk, shared the above forecast regarding unmanned aerial vehicles as well as his belief in the feasibility of that dream.

Like Tristan, we believe in the power of innovative technology and future-looking trends to meet the needs of our clients. We’re especially interested in the applications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for construction sites. In fact, drones have been around for some time, with a range of industries drawn to their convenience, low cost, and flexibility.

We all face efficiency challenges in our businesses. In this report, trendwatcher and futurist Richard Van Hooijdonk thoughtfully explains that the enormous amounts of materials delivered to a construction site can be hard to track. But drones let construction workers monitor their sites and how much material is stored there.

If you’d like to learn more about the inspiring trends shaking up the commercial building industry, give Hooijdonk’s forecasts a look.

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