Video Podcast Episode 1

Investing in HR to maximize recruitment and retention.

Episode 1 of Leading InSight explores the significance of recruitment and employee retention and how a focused HR strategy will allow your organization to succeed, thrive, and grow.

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Q&A: Materials Science 101

Joren sits down with the man behind the materials, Paul Adams, to discuss the formulas his team creates. Each one must meet multiple criteria, be respectful of the environment, and be recyclable at the end of their life cycle. As the backbone for millions of window and door systems, the formulations have to be right.

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Overcoming Systemic Change:
The Lessons of COVID

When COVID-19 reached peak crisis levels, it threw a wrench into nearly every organization’s plan for that year and beyond. See how we faced monumental organizational change and emerged even stronger with a greater emphasis on our people, recruitment, material science, operations, and more.

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About Joren

Principled. Focused. Determined.

Joren Knockaert assumed the role of Deceuninck North America’s president and CEO in August 2020. Since then, Knockaert has led the organization through a 30% increase in manufacturing capacity and has overseen a top-to-bottom renaissance of company’s recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts. Prior to joining Deceuninck North America, Knockaert served as the vice president of operations for the largest flooring company in the world.

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