Rovex Xtreme Fiberglass

Rovex® Xtreme Fiberglass

RovexOur idea of extreme performance.

Rovex® Xtreme Fiberglass is an advanced material technology that sets a new standard for performance applications.

Noncorrosive. Light weight. Strong. Energy efficient.

No other material technology in the market has this unique set of physical and performance characteristics. Its unique combination of attributes and properties redefines how a lineal profile performs.

For larger openings, indoor/outdoor living spaces and floor to ceiling doors using Rovex means no more trade-off between thermal performance and structural strength.

Rovex Materials and Manufacturing

Deceuninck offers a complete, in-house solution:

  • Engineering support, design and optimization of parts
  • Tooling and production
  • Custom pultrusion to meet specific needs
  • Custom Compounding

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Stiffness 7.5 million PSI flex modulus
Corrosive resistance Unaffected by salt water, most chemicals, oxidation
Di-electric Highly non-conductive
Low thermal conductivity Minimal thermal transfer rates
Impact performance No permanent set
Stress memory Returns to original shape with little or no deformation
Near-zero water absorption Not impacted by salt/oily water
Light weight, yet strong Replacement for aluminum and other lightweight reinforcements

Mechanical Properties of Pultruded Profiles by Resin Type

  Polyester Vinyl Ester Rovex
Tensile Strength Good Better Best
Tensile Modulus Good Better Best
Compressive Strength Good Better Best
Compressive Modulus Good Better Best
Flexural Modulus Good Better Best
Interlaminar Shear Good Better Best
Notched Izod Impact Good Better Best
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