Electronic Ordering

Electronic Ordering

EDI: Now Available at Deceuninck

Deceuninck is continually looking for ways to improve our processes and offer best-in-class customer service.

We’re pleased to announce that we now have the capability to accept and process orders and invoices using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

EDI is the ability to share transactional messages between companies electronically. Deceuninck uses industry standardized data formats for messages and secure uniform communication channels on which to exchange messages with business partners.

Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can convert and process your purchase orders using standardized structured text electronically in seconds. In addition, we have the capability to send invoices for direct processing into your EPR system.

Companies already using EDI with other suppliers will be familiar with the benefits of this technology including:

  • Increased order accuracy (no manual order entry).
  • Any queries or problems with an order become visible more quickly.
  • Depending on the software package you use, it may also be possible for you to improve inventory management and even automate inventory replenishment.

If you would to talk to us about EDI and investigate if this is an option for your company, please contact Scott Ricke, Customer Experience Manager at 513-267-4125 or email scott.ricke@deceuninck.com.