Features & Benefits

Performance 700 Times Better Than Aluminum

Innergy is the innovative, energy-efficient alternative to aluminum.

As the next-generation of thermal reinforcement for the industry, Innergy is able to deliver a quantum leap above aluminum in how windows and doors perform:

  • Better thermal performance

    Up to 700 times better than aluminum in material-to-material comparisons.

  • Better thermal break

    Impervious to cold or heat

  • Better protection against condensation

    Helps prevent staining that can occur with metal reinforcements

  • Better impact testing

    Resistance to impact versus other reinforcement products

  • Better flexibility

    Will not permanently set when impacted

Innergy and Aluminum in a 32 degree ice bath

Infrared analysis shows major conductivity in aluminum and virtually none with Innergy*
*Photos taken after one hour ice bath

Features Benefits
Direct replacement for aluminum reinforcements with better performance characteristics Improves window thermal and structural performance
Co-developed under an exclusive agreement with Bayer MaterialScience Tested & proven technology backed by a global materials manufacturer
Fiber glass reinforced pultruded product made with resin that is up to 20% bio-based, made from soy and other renewable resources Utilizes materials that are renewable and bio-based
Up to 700 times better thermal performance versus aluminum (when comparing material to material) Virtually eliminates the thermal bridge that exists with other metal reinforcements
Resists condensation Helps prevent staining that can occur with other metal reinforcements
Superior impact performance Will not permanent set under sustained high winds